About Us

At JNG Real Estate Solutions, our mission is to improve the lives of everyone we meet. Whether it’s increasing property values in a neighborhood with renovations, providing safe and affordable rental properties, or simply providing a quick and easy way to sell your home, we pride ourselves in meeting each of our customers unique real estate needs. Our knowledgeable staff are passionate for real estate, and we are dedicated to providing only the best service and advice to every client.

Our owners, Jodi and Josh Terrell, have been serving clients and the community with dedication and passion, for almost 20 years. Jodi is a licensed real estate broker who focuses on finding properties, creating design and renovation plans, and assisting other clients with their individual real estate goals. Together with Josh’s unique skill set, the Terrells have flipped dozens of homes and provide mentorship to other real estate investors and entrepreneurs.  

“We look at every real estate transaction as an investment. So whether you’re buying a house to flip, hold as a rental, or to live in, we want to make sure that our clients always get the best deal and avoid common mistakes that can cost you money in the long run.” 


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